2022 Missisippi to Detroit

2022: 15 years after their summer volunteer service in Mississippi, Sisters Adriana, Ermelinda and Nicole have organized their third reunion with nine other members of the 2007 "Mississippi Volunteers." Several years ago the three Sisters made their final vows. Now they live in a community of prayer and life-sharing with six education and law school students in a two-story convent in downtown Detroit. The university recognizes the students' research work, supports their educational and legal contributions to local projects and encourages the mentoring role of Sister Ermelinda, an associate professor.

The Sisters are looking forward to welcoming their former Mississippi companions who now contribute their business experience, financial gifts and prayer in support of the Sisters' ministry in Detroit. Everyone is looking forward to the presence of two of the retired Sisters from Mississippi who will be joining the week of prayer, reflection and action on the theme: "Jesus, the ministry of justice and the spirit of 1844 living today." As the week nears an end each participant will also assist with the conference on women's approaches to legal and ethical issues related to human cloning which will be held two blocks away at the Durocher Center for Women and Children. The center was established after the 2006 SNJM General Chapter to promote systemic responses to the worldwide trafficking of women and children, a practice which has now been almost eliminated as a result of international education, moral pressure, and strictly-enforced laws and sanctions.


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These intimations have great energy. I was reading this and thinking that's a great idea....and the same goes with all the others. The world needs the snjm charism, the world needs this kind of radical, God-centered hope.
Wouldn't it be great to envision that a major dent could be put into the jailhouse of trafficking? Sounds like a good direction to through our energy.

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