2022 ... four young SNJMs

In 2004 four young SNJMs became part of http://www.takingitglobal.org/, a site that involved youth from 200 countries in concrete projects addressing global problems and creating positive change. They wanted to discover and learn from their peers with similar values. When they eventually began to risk sharing their stories, involvements and religious motivation with these young people, they never dreamed that some young women and men would want to collaborate in a more organized way with the Sisters. Then followed the amazing evolution of globalsnjm.org which has developed over the last ten years into an online gathering place for the permanently committed SNJM Sisters and Associates and the new "Friends of Marie-Rose Durocher": volunteers, partners and companions who share the founding SNJM spirit and are willing to risk and sacrifice in response to the greatest needs of the 21st milllenium.


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